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Rating System

A guide on how Donald grades his decks.

Rate your deck with this score system.

5 is above and beyond. It out does other decks in this category.

4 is standard. Most decks want to be at this level of efficiency.

3 is border line. While weak in one area, something else has to cover for it.

2 and 1 need deck revision.

Damage Rating

Rank 5: chain 1 hit ko Stage 1 GX Pokemon (210 hp). Will wipe the floor if not countered.

damage rank 5.jpg

*Rank 4.5: Some decks can chain KO Basic GX (170-190 HP), but Difficulty against stage 1 GX (210 hP) 

Attack 4.5.jpg


Rank 4: 2 hit most GX Pokemon (110-130 damage with choice band). Occasionally 1 shots with a GX or expensive attack

damage rank 4.jpg

Rank 3: can only 2 hit gx pokemon. Has special abilities to make up for it.

damage rank 3.jpg

Rank 2 and 1: Sadist Magikarp trainer that only uses splash

Setup Rating

Rank 5: Safe and reliable early game setup, handles going 2nd well

setup rank 5.jpg

rank 4: Does fine if it goes first, but hurts going 2nd.

setup rank 4.jpg

Rank 3: May give up 2+ turns to setup. Usually waiting for a big pay off

setup rank 3.jpg

Rank 2 and 1 will be ready by next year.

Defense Rating

Rank 5: above 6 prize defense, Uses High HP Non gx or Major Healing

*Rank 4.5: Slightly above 6 prize defense, Uses Non gx, Resilient to big GX Prize Taking Damage, or uses Minor Healing

defense 4.5.jpg

Rank 4: normal 6 prize defense using 2 gx Pokemon defenders. VULNERABLE to only extreme damage, generally last 2 attacks (190+ hp)

Rank 3: All Basic GX, vunerable to tool removal

pay off rank 3.jpg

Rank 2 and 1 means your borrowing your little siblings deck