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The Strongest Pokemon Decks In Standard

What Donald believes is the strongest decks in Standard right now.

Check out official regional tournament results and the top 8 deck list here:

Remember, Mega Audino Ex won worlds 2016, nobody expected that coming. Be ahead of the meta is a winning strategy.

Major deck checks of the meta

strong basic.png

Damage Check

  • Many basic GX deal 210 damage consistently, deleting meta GX in 1 hit.
  • Very reliable setup and combo
  • Damage solves almost everything
golisopod gx ulp.jpg

Healing Check

  • Easy full HP heals through Acerola and Max Potion
  • Counters most 2 hit KO decks
  • Fastest and most reliable deck archetype 

solgaleo ulp.jpg

Big Numbers Check

  • Solgaleo GX has the highest base 250 HP and compatible with Max Potion full HP Healing
  • Solgaleo GX 1 hits anything with its 230 damage attack and Choice band
  • Through slow, its consistency has improved throughout expansions
hoopa ulp.jpg

Non GX Check

  • Can out prize GX decks 
  • Has nasty tricks over straight damage
  • Wait until Celestial Storm for the new Commandment Stadium

Colorless Decks

Traditional Drampa GX Deck

  • Overall: B-, Ability Lock, Preys On Item Usee
  • Damage: 4.5, Close To 1 KO Spam
  • Defense: 4.0, Normal GX HP
  • Setup: 5.0, Strong Early Game Moves
  • Partners: Garbodor, Espeon GX
  • Strength: Locks Ability, Item Pressure
  • Weakness: Lower Base Damage
  • Scales in damage as opponent plays items
  • Po Town activates Drampa GX, hurts enemies
  • Drampa GX barely misses 1HKO against common 190 HP Pokemon. Divide GX helps somewhat.

Weakness Silvally Gx Deck

  • Overall: B+, Solid Rogue Deck Against Meta
  • Damage: 5.0, 1 Hits Major Meta Deck GX
  • Defense: 4.0, Normal GX HP
  • Setup: 4.0, Easy, Prefers To Go First
  • Partners: Xerneas BREAK
  • Strength: High DMG + Weakness Abuse
  • Weakness: Extra Deck Clutter
  • Hit many weaknesses due to Memory Poketools
  • Can adapt to different match ups due to Magearna moving Poketools
  • Flexible build, can adapt with many side attackers 

Fairy Decks

Good Old Gardevoir GX Deck

  • Overall: B-, Strong, Low Energy Meta Hurts
  • Damage: 4.5, Near 1 KO Spam
  • Defense: 4.5, High GX HP
  • Setup: 3.5, Really Wants To Go First For Stage 2
  • Partners: Gallade, Sylveon GX, Zoroark GX
  • Strength: Damage Scaling Attack 
  • Weakness: Low Energy Enemies
  • High scaling damage based on energies
  • Strong card recycling due to GX
  • Low energy meta hurts 1HKO potential

fairy King Xerneas Break Deck

  • Overall: A, 1HKO Life Stream DMG, Safe Setup
  • Damage: 5.0, 1 KO Spam
  • Defense: 4.5, 1 Prize Attackers
  • Setup: 5.0, Safe Geomancy Setup
  • Partners: Sylveon GX, Silvally GX
  • Strength: Damage Scaling Attack 
  • Weakness: Losing Energies
  • Xerneas Break blows up anything with high energy counts.
  • Quickly and safely setups using Geomancy attack
  • Can partner with many Fairy and Colorless attackers

Fire Decks

Solid Ho oh Gx

  • Overall: A, Flat Giant Numbers On Basics Solve Everything
  • Damage: 5.0, 1 KO Spam
  • Defense: 4.0, Normal GX HP, Great Meta Resistance
  • Setup: 4.0, Ready Turn 2, Going 2nd Hurts
  • Partners: Turtonator GX, Salazzle GX
  • Strength: Big Stable Numbers 
  • Weakness: Energy Cost
  • Deletes major meta GX with choice band
  • Stable high numbers, only requires energies
  • 2nd and 3rd Ho Oh can be slow

Old Fashion Volcanion eX

  • Overall: A, Solid Deck, But Aren't You Tired Of It?
  • Damage: 5.0, Near 1 KO Combo
  • Defense: 4.0, Mixed Non GX And GX
  • Setup: 5.0, Baby Volcanion Early Carry
  • Partners: Alot
  • Strength: Ability Synergy
  • Weakness: Dependent on Abilities and Bench Space
  • Uses strong ability synergy to 1HKO GX Pokemon
  • Starmie essential to maintain flow
  • Dislikes Ability locks, Parallel City, losing Starmie

Fighting Decks

Cookie Cutter Buzzwole GX Deck

  • Overall: S, The Face of Pokemon TCG
  • Damage: 5.0, 1 KO Spam
  • Defense: 4.0, Normal GX HP
  • Setup: 4.0, Jet Punch Opener
  • Partners: Lycanroc GX, Garbodor
  • Strength: Consistent High DMG
  • Weakness: None, Buzzwole Just Kills You
  • Reliably produces high damage
  • Powers through every threat in the meta
  • Strong until max elixir rotates

One Punch Lucario GX Deck

  • Overall: B, Fast And Consistent Damage
  • Damage: 4.5, 190+ DMG For 1 Energy
  • Defense: 4.5, Scoop Up + Acerola Full Heal
  • Setup: 5.0, 1 Energy Cost + Easy Evolution
  • Partners: Lycanroc GX, Zoroark GX
  • Strength: 1 Hits For 1 Energy
  • Weakness: Super Scoop Is A Coin Flip
  • Aura Strike 1HKO with damage boost
  • Counters incoming damage with GX attack
  • Has difficulty 1 hitting stage 1 GX 

Dark Decks

Totally Generic Zoroark GX Deck

  • Overall: B+, Card Draws Go On And On And On And On
  • Damage: 4.0, 2 Hit KO, 1 Hit Crosscut GX
  • Defense: 4.5, Acerola + Max Potion 
  • Setup: 5.0, Draw, Draw, Draw
  • Partners: Everyone
  • Strength: Fits Anywhere, Good Value 
  • Weakness: 2 Hits In A 1 Hit Meta
  • Drains opponents confidence with infinite draws
  • Meta value depends on its partners
  • Bad match up against the popular Lycanroc GX

Annoying Dark Box

  • Overall: A, I Don't Want To Play You
  • Damage: 4.0, Unique Attack Scaling
  • Defense: 5.0, 1 Prize + GX Immunity
  • Setup: 4.5, Easy Evolution And Energy Costs
  • Unique: 5.0: Powerful Ability + Attack Effects
  • Partners: Hoopa, Weavile, Zoroark + BREAK
  • Strength: Nasty Tricks 
  • Weakness: Longer matches
  • Twists the entire game with annoying effects
  • A good mix destroys the unprepared
  • Easy Non GX techs are available for most decks

Dragon Decks

Theme Deck Gone Wild Garchomp

  • Overall: B, Snowballs HARD Once Setup Completes
  • Damage: 5.0, You Won't Survive
  • Defense: 4.5, 1 Prize Attackers
  • Setup: 3.5, Ready Turn 2, Prays To Go First
  • Partners: Lucario + Lucario GX
  • Strength: 1HKO + Ability Synergy
  • Weakness: Replacing Garchomps
  • Out trades many other decks in Prizes
  • Insane synergy, Lucario gets ANYTHING
  • Can't Guzma, initial setup is bottleneck, Garchomps takes 2 turn to prepare (may give opponent free turn)

FOTM Ultra Necrozma Deck

  • Overall: A, High Damage + High Utility
  • Damage: 5.0, Chain 1HKO
  • Defense: 4.0, Normal GX HP
  • Setup: 4.0, Normal Setup, On Par With Other Decks
  • Partners: Dawn Wing Necrozma GX, Mimikyu
  • Strength: Infinite Energy Recycle
  • Weakness: Losing Malamars
  • Deletes anything with Photon Geyser
  • Good utility from Psychic tool box attackers
  • Dawn Wing Necrozma hates the common Zoroark GX

Grass Decks

Grass Buzzwole GX Deck

  • Overall: A, Buzzwole's Hispanic Cousin
  • Damage: 5.0, 1 KO Spam
  • Defense: 4.0, Low GX HP, but Mew helps
  • Setup: 4.0, Stage 2 Vikavolt, PLEASE BE READY
  • Partners: Mew, Clefairy, Tapu Koko GX
  • Strength: Vikavolt Is A Miracle Worker 
  • Weakness: Heavy Energy Discard
  • Deletes Stage 1 GX and below
  • Abuses 1 prize trades, huge deck variety
  • Can get RNG out of Energy Recyclers

Generic Golisopod GX Deck

  • Overall: B+, Fast Bench Bully
  • Damage: 4.0, 2 Hit KO, 180 Cross Cut GX
  • Defense: 5.0, Acerola Friendly
  • Setup: 5.0, Generous Attack Value
  • Partners: Very Open, Probably Zoroark GX
  • Strength: Very Flexible & Reliable 
  • Weakness: Lower Damage Potential
  • Open to many partners to counter meta
  • Occasionally gets stuck with attack requirement
  • 2HKO means longer games

Lightning Decks

Totally Not Tapu Bulu GX Deck

  • Overall: B+, Its Really A Tapu Bulu GX Deck
  • Damage: 5.0, 1 KO Spam
  • Defense: 4.5, High GX HP
  • Setup: 3.5, Needs Several Stage 2
  • Partners: See Tapu Bulu GX
  • Strength: High Stat Value
  • Weakness: Buzzwole Fighting Meta
  • Out trades many meta GX Pokemon with stats
  • Less flexible due to higher Stage 2 counts
  • Fighting heavy meta makes lightning decks cry

Unloved Raichu GX Deck

raichu gx ulp.jpg
  • Overall: B, Lightning Xerneas BREAK
  • Damage: 4.5, 1HKO If 8 Lightning Energies 
  • Defense: 4.0, Normal GX HP
  • Setup: 4.0, Really Wants Early Bench
  • Partners: Tapu Koko GX
  • Strength: Safe Setup Phase
  • Weakness: Losing Energies
  • Damage scales into 1HKO with enough energies on field
  • Needs 2 Pachirisu Snuggly Generator attacks to achieve 1 hit threshhold
  • Damage somewhat unreliable due to energy loss from trades

Psychic Decks

Original Necrozma GX Deck

  • Overall: A, Necrozma GX Is Finally GOOD
  • Damage: 5.0, Necrozma DESTROYS ALL
  • Defense: 4.0, Normal GX HP
  • Setup: 4.0, Keeps Up With Other Decks
  • Partners: Many Psychic Side Attackers
  • Strength: Necrozma GX Bring The Pain
  • Weakness: Losing Malamars
  • Unlimited Prismatic Burst 1HKO
  • Has strong side attacker variety
  • Has slightly lower HP compared to other decks

Beast Box Naganadel GX Deck

  • Overall: B, Very Efficient & High Attack Variety
  • Damage: 3.0, 2 Hit KO
  • Defense: 4.5, Max Potion Abuse 
  • Setup: 5.0, Extremely Reliable
  • Partners: Diverse Steel Variety
  • Strength: Easy Setup + Many Good Attackers
  • Weakness: Limited Damage
  • Extremely consistent with its setup and attack
  • Very flexible with many different attackers
  • Will improve dramatically with Stakataka GX

Steel Decks

God Tier Solgaleo GX Deck

  • Overall: A+, The Best Base Stats In The Entire Game
  • Damage: 5.0, 1 KO Spam
  • Defense: 5.0, Max GX HP
  • Setup: 3.5, Slow Stage 2 Combo + Needs To GX 
  • Partners: Every Other Card Named Solgaleo
  • Strength: Best Attack AND HP
  • Weakness: Ability Locks
  • Top tier base stat in HP and DMG
  • Very fluid and safe
  • Gets energy hungry if combo is broken

Basic Solgaleo GX Deck

  • Overall: B+, Its Basically Solgaleo
  • Damage: 5.0, 1 KO Spam
  • Defense: 4.0, Normal GX HP
  • Setup: 4.0, Wants Turn 2 Magnezone
  • Partners: Anything That Uses Steel Energies
  • Strength: Giant Attack Damage
  • Weakness: Losing Stadium or Magnezone
  • Fantastic GX and base normal attack
  • Snowballs hard once Magnezone is up
  • Squishier than Solgaleo GX

water Decks

Persistent Greninja BREAK Deck

  • Overall: A, These Frog Just Don't QUIT
  • Damage: 4.0, 2HKO + Bench Splash
  • Defense: 5.0, High HP 1 Prize Attackers
  • Setup: 4.5, Consistent Shadow Clone Opener
  • Partners: Starmie, Tapu Fini GX
  • Strength: Somehow Just Manages Pull Through
  • Weakness: Golisopod & Giritina
  • Extremely persistent in every sense
  • Ability lock harms most decks
  • Amazingly relevant from beginning to end

Persistent Greninja gx Deck

  • Overall: B, These Frogs Are Now GX
  • Damage: 4.0, 2HKO + Bench Splash
  • Defense: 5.0, Haze Slash Built In Escape
  • Setup: 3.5, Stage 2, Cannot Use Rare Candy
  • Partners: Latios, Glaceon GX, Zoroark GX
  • Strength: Bench Damage Pressure
  • Weakness: Complex setup and flow
  • Free damage from evolving frogs
  • Haze Slash heals Greninja and restarts ability damage
  • Has gained traction in some tournament plays